The majestic mountains of the village of Kryz

The village of Kryz is an ancient settlement located at the foot of the White Mountain, in a mountainous area.
This remote mountain village is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges and steep cliffs.

These rocks, whose peaks are constantly hidden in the clouds, and the Gudyalchaya canyon create a special majestic view.

Despite the difficulties created by the geographical position and natural conditions, the strategic importance of the village has historically been great.

Even, since the encirclement of the village with impenetrable rocks served as a natural defense, the Guba Khan Sheikhali Khan chose this village as his residence.

These heights, witnessed for centuries, also reflect the history of our ancestors.

The village of Kryz, in which winters are snowy and frosty, and green in spring and summer, is distinguished by clean air and wonderful nature.

In this video, we tried to share with you the beauty that surrounds the village of Kryz.

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