Suleiman bey Kryzskiy

Сулейман бекSuleiman bey (Suleiman bey Kryzskiy) was a military man in the Tsarist army. He received the title of bek for 25 years of military service. Bek is a Turkic noble title and rank at some peoples of the Near East and Central Asia, a category of the privileged population.

He took part in the Russian-Turkish wars. Suleiman bey Kryzskiy was awarded the George Cross.

The insignia of the Military Order – the St. George Cross was the highest award for soldiers and non-commissioned officers for military service and for bravery shown against the enemy.

After his service as an aksakal he took part in the administration of the village Kryz. He was buried in his native village.

Son of Suleyman bey, Sadig bey was also military man. He received his military education in St Petersburg. He was killed in 1920 by the Bolsheviks near the Guba-Khachmas road.

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