Our homeland is Azerbaijan. Guba, Kryztsy

A film crew of the Azerbaijani television AzTV, driving on fearful and steep stony roads, visited the village of Kryz in Guba district. The village Kryz is located at the foot of the White Mountains, over 2000 meters above sea level, on the bank of the Kudialchai River.
People of Kryz retain their ancient traditions, beliefs and, most importantly, their language. Their life is connected to agriculture and cattle breeding. For many centuries they have led a winter-summer way of life.
It is impossible to get around in the Kryz without a horse, as only a horse can overcome the difficult mountain paths. There is a well-known saying in our language: “A horse is a friend of man and he who has a horse has no problems”. This fact is more clearly recognised in Kryza.
We express our gratitude to the AzTV crew on behalf of the people of Kryz.

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