Kryz-azerbaijani-english dictionary

Kryz-azerbaijani-english dictionaryTitle: Kryz-azerbaijani-english dictionary
Author: Israfil A. Gummatov (Kryzly), Monika Rind-Pawlowski
Year of publication: 2020
Pages: 344
Format: pdf
Size: 117 Mb
Language: Kryz / English / Azerbaijani

The Kryz language is endangered. For this reason, there was an urgent need to compile a Kryz dictionary during the lifetime of the last generation of native speakers.
This dictionary can help the Kryz community to revive their language, as well as linguists conducting research on the Caucasian languages.
The book is divided into two parts. The first part provides information on the phonology and morphology of the language. It contains information on the spelling of nouns and verb tenses, which are the main components of a special alphabet and morphology developed for the Kryz language. The second part is the dictionary itself. In addition to translating words into Azerbaijani and English, each dictionary entry contains the most important grammatical information and practical examples.
The dictionary is designed for a wide range of readers.

Dear readers, the paper version of the book can be obtained from the author of the book. If you want to get the book, contact us by e-mail. We will help you contact Israfil Muallim.

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