Gur-Gur waterfall in the village of Kryz

The village of Kryz is located at the foot of the White Mountain, on the bank of the river Gudyalchai. There are several waterfalls, springs and caves around this mountain village.

The beauty of Kryz is always accompanied by an influx of tourists. The number of tourists visiting the village of Kryz, considered one of the attractions, has increased significantly in recent years. Ecotourism lovers especially like to come here, who love to observe the mysterious mountain and natural scenery.

Tourists like the excursion to the Gur-Gur waterfall, located 2-3 kilometers from the village.
Hundreds of tourists travel to see these waterfalls both in summer and winter. The Gur-Gur waterfall looks very attractive because it is located in a cave.

Tourists drive to the village of Kryz by car, and from the village to the waterfall they get on foot.
In this short video shot by Vugar Gurbanov, you can see the beauty of the Gur-Gur waterfall.

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