Guba. April-May, 1918. Muslim’s massacres in documents

Мусульманские погромыTitle: Guba. April-May, 1918. Muslim’s massacres in documents
Author: Solmaz Rustamova-Tohidi
Year of publication: 2010
Pages: 505
Format: pdf
Size: 3.2 Mb

The book is a collection of documents that opens new pages in the history of bloody events of 1918. The materials included in the collection confirm the criminal essence of armenian nationalism against all muslim peoples of Azerbaijan in the Kuba district of Baku province. In April-May 1918, more than 4 thousand civilians, including women, children and the elderly, were brutally murdered in the city of Quba and in the villages of Guba district within a few days. Hundreds of houses, mosques, dozens of villages were destroyed and burned, property belonging to the Muslim population – azerbaijanis, kryzians, avars, lezgins, tatas, etc. was plundered and destroyed.
The book is intended for a wide range of readers.

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