Замерзший водопад Гур-Гур села Крыз

Frozen waterfall Gur-Gur of Kryz village

The Gur-Gur waterfall, located on the territory of the village Kryz of Guba district, stands out with its amazing views in any season of the year. The village of Kryz, located at an altitude of over 2 thousand meters

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Крутые скалы Крыза

The steep cliffs of Kryz

The village of Kryz, which is one of the most mountainous, picturesque and at the same time the oldest villages in Azerbaijan, differs from other villages in many ways.

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Село Крыз. Мечеть Абу Муслим

The village of Kryz. Abu Muslim Mosque

The photo gallery shows images of the Abu Muslim mosque. The Abu Muslim Mosque is one of the three mosques of the same name built in the Guba region of Azerbaijan in the villages of Kryz, Khinalig and Jack.

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Night fairy tale Kryza

This photo gallery is dedicated to the winter night in Kryz. Kryz is the most remote village in the Shahdag region of Azerbaijan and is located at an altitude of 2000-2050 m above sea level. Kryz spends several months of the year shrouded in snow.

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